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What do Neets think of pedophiles?


Of course yes.
We neets support anything antisocial, immoral, degenerate or racist

No.17841 2023


Can't say I'm a huge fan of them personally.


Annoying retards who pretend like they are the eldest of fags, take a mile if you give them an inch and throw a bitchfit if you rescind any squandered tolerance. They really should just be murdered.


Pedophiles should be punched in the face in order to realize dating underaged is not right.
If they touch children in any places, we need to either send them to prison for the rest of their lives or kill them.



lmao even

child porn printer go brrr


I don't think I am a pedophile, but when someone spammed an imageboard down with it and there was a gif of two twelve year old girls making out I have to say I was quite jealous of the girls. I'm wanttobethelittlegirlphile. I don't want to hurt children.




The more vocally antipedo one is, the higher the likelihood he's a pedo trying to throw off the scent. It's like all the antigay homosexual senators. "I-I'm not a pedo! I will punch anyone who even LOOKS at a kid! Think of the children!"

Non-pedos don't have that weird violent reaction and don't feel the need to posture when pedos are so much as mentioned.


imageboards and anonimity in general is brought to you by pedofiles. its ridiculous to think you ever need to copy us to feel better, sad retarded incels.
and just like with your absent father, you start to hate us for whatever reason, even though we literally made your life possible. without us, you would be chatting in facebook in some dumb group called "guys who don't work and are officially retarded" lol. because yes, you don't need progress and anonimity but we need.
my body count is low, but i had sex with minors and i enjoy spending time with them whenever i can and you can do NOTHING about it.


admin's reddit cronie, keep gaslighting bro, no one cares, your board is dead


as a minor i sometimes imagine me in these kinda of situations P_P might take some time in therapy though, although pedophiles makes me cringe, i don’t really care, they can just kill themselves lol


>muh therapy
lmao. zoomer kids are pathetic

that's why they deserve it when I molest them


>as a minor
Don't you have an app to download?