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Literally the only problem with imageboards like this are the incels. And i'm not talking about virgin men exactly, i'm talking about the incel ideology. It makes me want to vomit every time i spot these mfs. Fuck them.


I'd argue that all virgins are incels.


Who cares? I don't fucking care If someone doesn't have sex as long he doesn't whine about it ALL the time like most incels do. And more than that: They usually try to bring people down to their level. Thats what i don't like. They are whiny bitches, and they spread their deranged victim mentality. Virgins who don't do it are alright.


>Virgins who don't do it are alright.
those don't know about chans.
ppl are here for a reason. Training (admins), companionship (clique), complaining (losers who aren't one of the above), indoctrination (virgins and other sickos).


and the best part is the CP spam

what's your point?


Cp spam is there because of dumb incels not knowing where to find cp, or how to fuck.